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Treatment Options For Foot Pain

How your podiatrists in Birmingham, and Sylacauga, AL, can help when you have foot pain

Foot pain can affect your life by keeping you from doing the activities you enjoy. There are many causes of foot pain, and the good news is, your podiatrist is an expert at treating foot issues, so you can feel better.

Dr. Robert Russell and Dr. James Bowman of Podiatry Associates offer a full range of foot care treatments and services. They have two convenient offices in Birmingham, and Sylacauga, AL, to help you and your feet feel better.

Injuries and accidents can cause foot pain. Whether you suffer a sprain, strain, or broken bone, it can be disabling. Remember to follow these simple tips to help prevent accidents and injuries:

  • Wear the right footwear. Your feet need support and protection, especially if you are active.
  • Be careful to avoid walking on uneven surfaces, which can cause injuries.
  • Remove any objects lying on the floor at home that you can trip over.

Injuries and accidents are just one cause of foot pain. Another common foot problem is related to diabetes. Diabetes affects all of your major body systems, and it can also cause problems with your feet. Lack of blood flow and loss of sensation in your feet can lead to hurting your feet without you knowing it, and open sores that don’t heal. Your podiatrist should regularly examine your feet if you are diabetic to treat injuries and prevent infection.

Plantar fasciitis is another cause of foot pain and a common reason why people seek out the help of their podiatrist. The thick band of tissue running across the heel is known as a plantar fascia. It can become inflamed when it is strained which causes plantar fasciitis. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, your podiatrist may recommend custom-fit orthotics, night splints, and other devices to help support your feet.

To find out more about foot pain causes and treatment, call Dr. Russell and Dr. Bowman of Podiatry Associates. You can reach them in Birmingham, AL, at (205) 933-9595 or at their office in Sylacauga, AL, at (256) 249-2212, so call today!

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