A Little History on Podiatry

The professional care of feet dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian civilization as depicted on many walls and tombs. Many say that there was a need to physically reduce the “hard skin” on feet which today we know more commonly as corns and calluses. It is also said by many that the Greek physician Hippocrates was the physician that invented the skin scrapers to remove this hard skin. Today we more commonly refer to this tool as the scalpel. In our more modern time it is said that President Abraham Lincoln continually sought service to treat his feet, reinforcing just how long the practice of podiatry has been around.

The first society of Podiatry, which was originally called Chiropodist, was established in 1895 in New York. This was known as the Pedic Society of New York. The first official school opened in 1911. At that time, Podiatry became much more organized in Europe, Australia and England and took on a more formal role educationally as well as professionally.

Today podiatry is organized educationally with broad medical knowledge, specialty training which may include residency, fellowships and on-going education.

Our seasoned Podiatrists at Podiatry Associates, P.C. treat everyday problems such as corns and calluses as well as diabetic complications, injuries and traumas. Our Podiatrists also practice general podiatry, serving a broad base of patients from the very young to the elderly.